Aircrete Dome Home Flaxton:

Type | Residential
Size | 85sqm
Location | Sunshine Coast, QLD
Client | Hollie & Beau Kinnear

Designing with Aircrete, a lightweight and versatile building material made from cement, water, and foam, was an exciting opportunity for our design team.

Despite its lightweight design, Aircrete offers exceptional structural and acoustic performance, thermal efficiency, and fire resistance. Our clients were eager to use Aircrete for a dome house project, and we followed a series of steps to achieve the final design, including determining the house size and shape, choosing the appropriate building system, selecting the Aircrete wall thickness, and planning the plumbing and electrical systems. Designing a house using Aircrete can be a cost-effective and sustainable
option that allows for a wide range of designs and greener building practices.

Our steps to a final design included: