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Welcome to Zeen Design, a boutique Building Design firm based in Queensland, Australia. Our team specializes in designing high-quality, innovative, and sustainable boutique and townhouse developments and industrial, commercial, mixed-use residential, multi-residential, and duplex projects.

We are passionate about creating unique and functional spaces that meet our clients’ needs. At Zeen Design, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our clients, and we believe that collaboration is key to a successful outcome.

Whether you want to design your dream home or develop a commercial project, Zeen Design can help. We offer building design services, from concept design to construction documentation, and we work closely with our clients throughout the entire process.

At Zeen Design, we are committed to sustainability and environmentally conscious design. We believe that a good design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also contributes positively to the environment.

If you’re looking for a Building Design company that can deliver exceptional and sustainable projects, look no further than Zeen Design. Just go for a building design company near me, We will be a doorstep away from you.

Why Choose Our Building Design Company

When selecting a building design company, smart clients choose our company for many reasons. Our seasoned team of designers combines creativity with technical expertise to deliver innovative and functional solutions. Client satisfaction is at the core of our philosophy, and we prioritize clear communication throughout the modern building design process, ensuring that our client’s visions are understood and meticulously translated into reality. Choose our building design consultants for a collaborative, client-centric approach that transforms ideas into cost effective building design.

Looking for professional building design with reliable, attentive service?

Call Zeen Design’s Director Faisal Hissam on 0404 803 720, email: [email protected] or complete our contact form

Elevate Your Vision with Our Building Design Services

Elevate your vision with our building design services. Our team of skilled designers is committed to turning your ideas into reality, creating spaces that inspire and complement your unique vision. With a focus on innovation and functionality, we bring a fresh perspective to your sustainable building design. Whether you are planning a residential building design or a commercial building design, our smart building design services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose our building designers to take your project to new heights.

Here's what Zeen Design’s clients have to say

Faisal came up with a very good practical design. We have given Faisal another project to work on.

Faisal was very efficient, innovative in his design polite and professional. I urgently needed a design to present to investors. Faisal worked on weekends and late in the evenings to complete the project.

I have known Faisal for a little time and have used his company to help me design granny flats and houses and townhouse developments and find him very professional and competent and would recommend him no problem.

We engaged Faisal to draft up some renovation plans for our home, and 100% recommend him to anyone who needs design and drafting work done. Faisal was great at communicating with us and other parties, professional and innovative when issues from prior work arose, and kept us abreast of where the work was at. We are very happy with the whole process, as well as the end result. Thank you Faisal!

Good customer service, quality of work and quick responses.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Our Building Design Company

It is a vast question, however, the latest trend that we are seeing within the industry is that the design has to be flexible and multi-functional especially due to the cost of construction has gone up significantly so we need to have some sort of flexibility in our design so if the client would require to change the use of the building (depending on the project) they would be able to do so with minimum alterations. 

In addition, earthy textures and tones are trending due to the coastal nature of the areas that we service most.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients, especially when creating a brief and understanding their project needs and requirements with the budget they are willing to spend.


In addition to that, our building designers take all projects very personally and deliver the jobs with reliability as we intend to work with our clients as part of their team so they feel like they are using their team rather than third-party consulting services for their projects.

Just Consider ourselves as part of your team but sitting in a different office. We will provide you cost effective building design services professionally.

We do it in three different phases mentioned below:

Concept Sketch Plans:

We listen to the client's needs and budget. Based on this, we analyze our site and create a brief, which helps us create a sketch plan showing the design the client is after. We also take the client's opinion on it and incorporate this again into the sketch plan before finalizing the full set of Concept Drawings.

Concept Drawings:

We then move on to the Concept drawings and create the full set of plans with Site Plan, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Hi-Res 3d Renders so the client can visualize their project. This plan can be coordinated with various consultants to be used as DA (Development Approval) drawings to be submitted to the council. 

Detail Design (DD) / BA (Building Approval) Drawings:

During the DD phase, we again coordinate the drawings with the engineers/certifier/surveyors/builders and finalize the set. This drawing package can also be used as a BA (Building Approval Package). Usually, our DD Package contains all the necessary details for construction as well so a builder can start the build by using this set.

Designing a building with the awareness of the climate, sun orientation, and wind directions and also using appropriate materials and insulations. This will allow the internal spaces of the building to be more comfortable year round which reduces the cost of energy (heating and cooling) all year round. This is called a solar passive design.