Tangelo Rd, Woombye, QLD:

This 700+ m2 lot presented us the opportunity to design a house for our long term ‘Owner Builder’ client Mr. Farooq according to his specifications and requirements which includes large Gym, access to the Pool / Entertainment Area through M.Bed & Study that forms part of the Large Living should there be a big gathering in the house.

Our team has meticulously envisaged the planning which outlines the front section of the house into common areas including two living areas, Study, Dining and Alfresco that overlooks the Pool. The large living can accommodate up to 20 people within the space.

The flat façade embraces and celebrate uniqueness and simplicity of the design which was the key design features we had been requested to integrate. The construction expertise of Mr. Farooq was a treat to work with, where we enjoyed thoroughly working with him.

Builder: Osmium Construction

Area: 400m2